Harniman's | Our Mission

Our Mission

A little more about our ethics, the reason we exist and what makes us tick.



Offering simple solutions to your wellbeing concerns.


Cost Effective

Lets you supplement a variety of nutrients in one go.



We’ve done the research so you don’t have to!


Nutrients are fully absorbed into your bloodstream.

Our Brand Story

Harniman’s was born out of the unique circumstances of the pandemic and feeling the need more than ever for daily supplements. Overwhelmed by the array of recommended bulky pills, Sarah Harniman embarked on a journey, driven by a commitment to plant-based and eco-friendly solutions.

The mission: To create a better, more user-friendly solution for all, whilst bringing more joy to this daily ritual.

Sarah at Raye The Store

Feel your best, more of the time.

Our mission is to help you to do just this. Each spray is designed to target a specific health concern. Feeling tired, run-down, fuzzy-headed? We've got you!

Slices of green fruit and vegetables

Uncompromising on our ethics & our ingredients

Photo of liquid in a syringe

Backed By Science

Formulations designed by an award winning dietitian and further developed by teams of food scientists and supplement specialists.

“I’ve always struggled with swallowing tablets, so these are perfect for me!”

Recyclable Spray Pump and Bottle

Fully Recyclable Packaging

Spray pumps usually contain metal springs, which makes recycling them almost impossible. Our spray pumps are made entirely of plastic making them simple to recycle.

Close-up of Sheep and Two Lambs

Vegan Brand

Many vitamin supplements use animal products. Vitamin D3, for example, is often derived from lanolin, which comes from sheep's wool. We use a vegan D3 which is derived from Algae!

Looks, tastes and does good.

Products we are proud of, from the inside out.