Harniman's | Calm
🌱 Vegan
🀧 Allergen Free
♻️ Recyclable

Take a moment of Calm with our minty wellbeing support spray.

Formulated with vitamins B12, B6 & E; folic acid, lemon balm extract & lavender extract, and designed to support your nervous system and psychological balance.

Harniman's Calm is your new go-to spray! Helping you to feel more relax after a stressful day or to ease feelings of nervousness and anxiety.

15ml bottle contains approximately 26 days supply

Benefits of using Calm


Emotional Regulation

Boosts your mood & soothe symptoms of stress.


Nerve Function Support

Contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system.



Helps protect your cells from oxidative stress.


Regulates Neurotransmitters

Helps synthesis of brain signalling molecules.

Your go-to support spray

For when it's just 'One of those days'.

"I carry Calm around with me and use it whenever I feel anxious"