Harniman's | Focus
🌱 Vegan
🀧 Allergen Free
♻️ Recyclable

A brain-bolstering spray with vitamins B12, B5, B6, E, Iodine and Blueberry Extract.

Formulated to support mental performance and keep you brain fog-free. Focus is packed full of vitamins minerals and anthocyanin.

Perfect to use daily to help keep you thinking clearly and concentration high. Focus helps support psychological function, cognitive function and normal mental performance.

15ml bottle contains approximately 26 days supply.

Benefits of using Focus


Supports Brain Health

Protects your brain from oxidative stress.


Think Clearer

Contributes to normal mental performance & normal cognitive function.



Protects your cells from damage & disease.


Increased Blood Count

Helps in the process of red blood cell formation.

Keep Impressing

Helping you avoid that post-lunch afternoon slump.

I’ve been LOVING the Focus spray, it’s honestly such a boost for that post-lunch energy lull!